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Getting to FlyOzzano Airfield is easy, both by road and by air.
Click on the proper map or, if you prefer, download them in PDF format.
See you at the Airfield!


Each pilot approaching or leaving Ozzano must follow and respect the following regulations about the use of the runway.
In order to land or receive information on the runway status, call one of the following numbers: Stefano Landi 349 6086621

Real-time weather information at the Airfield can be found on this page.

Standard traffic circuits:

General Aviation planes: 1000 ft AGL.

Ultralight planes: 500 ft AGL.

In glider traffic presence:

Aircraft: westo of the runway

Gliders: EAST of the runway. While radio calling downwind prefixing the word ALIANTE to the call sign.

Radio frequency 128.450

  • Surface: Asphalt
  • Heading: 03-21
  • Length from 03: TORA 840 m – LDA m 700
  • Length from 21: TORA 840 m – LDA m 840
  • Width: 18 m
  • Coordinates: 44°28’30″N 11°32’29″E
  • Markings: as in rules
  • Altitude: 32 m
  • ASNP

These Jeppesen maps will be useful when you approach the Airfield:


FlyOzzano Airfield‘s address is via Sabbionara, 5 in Ponte Rizzoli, Ozzano dell’Emilia, Bologna.


The TAXI rank in Ozzano is in piazza XXV Aprile, on the via Emilia. You can dial the following numbers to request a ride: CO.TA.BO. tel. 051-372727 and TaxiBologna C.A.T. tel. 051-4990. It’s a complementary service which runs side-by-side with buses and which is ruled by the Regolamento unificato per la gestione sovracomunale degli autoservizi pubblici non di linea con autovettura (taxi e noleggio con conducente), dated 21/11/2017 of the Città Metropolitana di Bologna. Two fares are to be expected: urban and non-urban.

CO.TA.BO also offers an app for smartphones: Taxiclick; it’s completely free and allows to promptly, securely and comfortably call for a ride. With only a few clicks, a cab will arrive, reducing wait times and improving your ability to move through the town; interactive functionalities allow for an extreme ease of use, avoiding the need to talk to an operator and automatically localizing you.

Consorzio C.A.T. Taxi Bologna offers the TaxiWeb service, allowing to call for a cab with a computer and two smartphone apps: it Taxi automatically localizes your position and directly sends your request to the taxi central management station and Taxi Sordi, developed with the help of Ente Nazionale Sordi (ENS), which is targeted at deaf people in order to break any communication barrier.


Rental of a 7 seat minivan with driver:

Canova Stefano – tel. 335 276002 – mailwww.stefanoncc.it