CAP meeting

10/11/12 september, meeting about self made aircraft owner association (CAP). Technical and rules information, meet builders and see different aircrafts! le Tecnologie Dimenticate 4 (“lost technologies”) Our annual vintage ‘n 40s event with aircraft, cars, stuff and uniforms from golden era!


flyozzano in festa

July 27th and 28th – Flyozzano party! Party and plane meeting for the Airfield 30th birthday! See also the other events of Ozzano Emilia. June 20th – The pool will open soon In a few days the pool will be open.


listino voli

July 8th – From today historical flight are available June 8th – The pool opens June 23-24th – Fly Party (Montagnana – IT) July 20-22nd – Air Show Varazdim (Croatia) September 7-9th – Campionato Italiano acrobazia (Lucca – IT) June 15-17th – Air Show (Prague) June 8-9th – Air Show Maribor (Slovenia) May 20-28th – Air Race … Read more