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Historical flights

At the Flyozzano Airfield, you can fly on historical planes!

When needed, rental of additional equipment (such as headphones, emergency parachute and other personal items) is included in the prices below.

Yakovlev Yak-11 Moose

Derived from war-era Yakovlev projects, this trainer, an evolution of the Yak-3 and later interceptors, in part still featured the same specifications.

This particular exemplar was built in 1952 and is dressed in “Normandie Niemen” livery, in memory of the regiment in which free France crews operated previous versions of this Yak fighter.

  • 30 minutes 400€
  • 60 minutes 600€

Boeing Stearman PT-13 1940

Main training plane of the Army Air Corps (later Army Air Force) and used also by the US Navy and Marines during the WW2 period; excellent acrobatic trainer, also used for civil purposes, like farming works, due to its robustness and versatility.

  • 30 minutes 150€
  • 60 minutes 250€


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