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Flying schools

Ozzano airfield host Professional Aviation flying school, wich offer following courses:

  • VDS
  • Private Pilot Licence  (PPL)
  • IR
  • MEP and IR-ME
  • CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) + UPRT

 Aviation English Language Proficency (AELP)

VDS flight certificate

Some people think ultralight flight is the first step on the way to flight.
Nowadays, however, ULM flight has reached such standards that nothing is really missing when compared to general aviation. Ever better performing aircraft are flooding this market, creating innovative and cutting-edge solutions.
Operator: Professional Aviation S.r.l.

Professional Aviation S.r.l.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

General aviation is the first step to working as a pilot. Being able to fly a Cessna, a Professional or a Piper isn’t just a dream; thanks to our schools’ facilities and instructors, it can be real.
Operator: Professional Aviation S.r.l.

Aviazione generale
Aviazione generale

English Radiocommunications training and certification

Short class aimed at those who already master English language, followed by an examination in order to get a certificate.
Operatore: Skyline s.r.l (AELP)